Sunday, March 30, 2014


As you probably well know, I like to infused fun colour into my outfit just to get my day all hyped up. Also if you've been reading my previous post, you would also know that it's been quite a handful for me at the beginning of this year. That's why it's so important for me to wake up happy in the morning!

I've recently took 2 days leave to finish up my previous year's leave. I very much wanted to take an impulse trip to some places where I can probably relax and maybe do something adventurous, but well my health was not letting me do that just yet. If you followed me on Instagram you would know that I was not really in the pink of health these few weeks. So these 2 days leave was more of a resting leave for me. I am hoping that I'd be fully recover by the time April comes in. It's the starting of 2nd Quarter for this year. Really wishing it'd be an awesome year onwards, Amin! *praying for it*

So, I had to keep positivity in mind to make it through. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that behind every cloud there's always a silver lining. Every challenges is just a turn over for a bigger rewards, don't you believe in that too?? I'll just let myself unwind a little for now, tomorrow is a new day. So, I'd leave you with some beautiful pictures I came across the internet world, that somehow soothes my imagination and the ache of wanting to do so much of the many incredible things in life...

I want to make a slight change in my life, I'm not too sure where to start yet, but I'd keep you posted!
Lookout for some changes through this blog ATICALEEN, or even on my Instagram & Facebook page. Maybe we can go through it together, wouldn't that be fun....? So, here's to a Happier, Greater Life! *high 5*

Till then, share the love!

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