Monday, June 16, 2014

Work & Play

Work & Play
I told you that I stock myself up with a few of Bangkok Souvenirs in my previous post. One of the must have is definitely the elephant-patterned drawstring pants. It's the kinda pants you simply throw on with a basic tee and a pair of sophisticated heels, with huge floppy hat on, you'll definitely look effortlessly chic.
So this one morning, my style-heart keep urging me to wear this pants to work. Well, it seems more slouch than sharp for a work attire, which means you could actually look like you came back from groceries shopping or touring around Wat Pho. Like seriously. So I opened my wardrobe, looked through the jacket section, and realized I have this white jacket I newly bought roughly few weeks ago. Then I thought to give it a try, match-making this two pieces together. It turns out that it looks rather eye-catching, and acceptable for a work attire category! The jacket's sharpness detail on the shoulder and the collar, truly bring up the officewear mood in this whole look. So that's 1 tips I'm sharing with you, for officewear, pick a sharp looking jacket or outerwear if you want to pair it with a more slouch/relaxed pieces. It works every time, especially if that outerwear is of the basic officewear colour, like black, white, or even grey. Play around with it, infuse some colour like what I did here.
What do you think? Do you like the result?
Care to show me how you style your slouch pieces for work...?
I'd love to see it!

I was wearing:
White Jacket (similar herehere)
Old Navy Pink Basics
Bangkok's Black & White Elephant Drawstring Pants (similar here)
Furla Yellow Candy Bag

Till then, share the love!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bangkok Beat

Bangkok Beat 
The reason I started up ATICALEEN was to share my experience, ideas, places, passions, and everything else that made me happy, in hope that it can be a pleasant recommendation for you, so you can experience it and feel the joy together with me. I am about to share a story of some of my firsts, with you!
Exactly a week ago, on a beautiful Sunday morning, I went for a work trip outside of my lovely country, for the first time. That was after an amazing week with my family and friends in Miri (took my leave on April 24th, Thursday until Saturday to attend my sister's graduation ceremony, along with most of my university friends graduating at the same time). Where to, you wonder? It's Bangkok, Thailand (not a surprise for my Instagram followers)! 
That Sunday, April 27th, I reached the enormous Suvarnabhumi Airport roughly around 2100hrs. Well I can bet that you know me so well, I was majorly excited the whole time (even when I just arrived in the airport itself). I didn't quite get to take photo of the airport when I arrived, however, I did take photo of the baggage claim's screen, just to let you imagine how huge the airport is.
Well, not to let your mind astray, I was there for a work trip. However, that didn't stop me to explore some part of Bangkok while I had some free time. That Monday, is the first day I tasted the original Tom Yam soup, in the land of its origin, Thailand. My god, I tell you, it was beyond what I expected. It tasted different, because they mix the Tom Yam with coconut milk and a few other spices. They brought us to this beautiful restaurant, called Koh Lanta Restaurant. The restaurant has unique design, with intricate carving details and statues. It's pretty near to the airport so you can literally see all the airplanes bum when they landed.
Their seafood servings are pretty awesome, especially the Tom Yam. They throw in huge number of big fat prawns, freshly cut into pieces so when you slurp that Tom Yam up, you surprise yourself with soft prawn flesh. It was heavenly, period. Too bad I didn't get to take photo of it. The place had romantic lighting so that's quite a good excuse to just jump right in to the meals than taking photos of them first. Sorry guys!
Later after that, they sent us back to our hotel. Well, being my eager self, we changed to a more comfortable clothes and took the train to see what Bangkok had for us. We were staying at Maple Hotel, around Bang Na area. So we took the Udom Suk station to get to Saphan Taksin. My colleague wanted to bring me to Asiatique, one of the tourist spot to get some souvenirs and they have the Ferris wheel to see the entire Bangkok. From Saphan Taksin, we took a free boat ride to reach Asiatique. The view at night was so calming, with other light-up boats passing by, made it a more enjoyable ride.
Asiatique was fun. We stroll around, had some tidbits while looking at all the souvenirs being sell there. Bought some for my family and friends. Couldn't resist getting the signature drawstring pants with elephant patterns all over it for myself. On Tuesday, we had some training at the Lab. Later that evening, we went for sight seeing, to Wat Pho to be specific. That's where the famous Sleeping Buddha rested. I've never been to a temple before. Let alone ones with countless number of statues. Just a handy tips, every time you enter or exit the temple, remember to always walk over the door's border. My new Thai friend, Ms Lee, emphasize to us not to step on it.
Wat Pho is the royal temple, which happen to have Thailand Traditional Massage School! They have a wall explaining all the massage spots and so on. It's all written in Thai, so I was more inclined towards the drawings there. Other than Wat Pho, we manage to go to MBK Center, it's a mall where you can get more souvenirs. I'd suggest you go to Sala Daeng Night Market or PatPong area too if you fancy doing some negotiation in getting souvenirs. They closed around midnight, so you can actually negotiate to the point where you can name your price when it's close to closing. One more Thailand's specialty is the Tutut ride! It's just like a motorcycle, but with three wheels. The perks of riding it is that you can get to places slightly faster as compare to getting on a taxi! Definitely a must-ride thing in Thailand, at least once!

For some of you wild ones, PatPong is where the Thailand Nightlife is, which I didn't get to experience during this visit. I heard they had all these explicit shows. I was thinking that maybe if I were to go with bunch of my friends (or some of you readers if you feel like tagging along), I'd consider paying this place a visit. It's safer if you have a Thai friend to bring you around. You wouldn't want to end up like them bunch in Hangover 2, don't you??

So you see, that is the photo of the last Tom Yam I had in Thailand, at the airport. Which means... That's a wrap for my Bangkok trip. It was a short but sweet work trip. Attended some training, visited Bang Bo's Alstom power plant, where we had amazing Thai food again after the plant visit (near the 'Monkey House' - a term for jail in Tenglish, Thai-English). Made some new Thai friends, who are awesome people who truly understands me as an eager tourist.

Bangkok is a nice place to go, for their shopping, architectural at the historical places, nightlife, and most of all, TOM YAM! Just a little heads up, it's not that easy to find Halal food in Thailand. So for all my Muslim friends, to be safe, stick to ordering seafood instead. While for my personal tips, it's best to have your currency exchange to be done at Bangkok itself. Learn from my mistake, I did mine at KLIA and their rate was rather high as compare to Thailand (difference up to 2-3 Ringgit Malaysia). Another tips is, enjoy their departure hall, it's like a small Pavilion there! One thing for sure, I'd love to come and explore more of Bangkok, the next time I'm there!

So, who's up for a group trip to Bangkok with me??


Sunday, March 30, 2014


As you probably well know, I like to infused fun colour into my outfit just to get my day all hyped up. Also if you've been reading my previous post, you would also know that it's been quite a handful for me at the beginning of this year. That's why it's so important for me to wake up happy in the morning!

I've recently took 2 days leave to finish up my previous year's leave. I very much wanted to take an impulse trip to some places where I can probably relax and maybe do something adventurous, but well my health was not letting me do that just yet. If you followed me on Instagram you would know that I was not really in the pink of health these few weeks. So these 2 days leave was more of a resting leave for me. I am hoping that I'd be fully recover by the time April comes in. It's the starting of 2nd Quarter for this year. Really wishing it'd be an awesome year onwards, Amin! *praying for it*

So, I had to keep positivity in mind to make it through. I believe everything happens for a reason, and that behind every cloud there's always a silver lining. Every challenges is just a turn over for a bigger rewards, don't you believe in that too?? I'll just let myself unwind a little for now, tomorrow is a new day. So, I'd leave you with some beautiful pictures I came across the internet world, that somehow soothes my imagination and the ache of wanting to do so much of the many incredible things in life...

I want to make a slight change in my life, I'm not too sure where to start yet, but I'd keep you posted!
Lookout for some changes through this blog ATICALEEN, or even on my Instagram & Facebook page. Maybe we can go through it together, wouldn't that be fun....? So, here's to a Happier, Greater Life! *high 5*

Till then, share the love!

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